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working to ensure that ​tomorrow’s conscious ai ​is GOOD FOR HUMANITY...

what is synthetic consciousness?

why prototype in v.r.?

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what are the dangers?

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It is abundantly clear by our cultural and technological ​trajectory that we are on course towards the development of ​conscious, AI driven systems.

Conscious AI has the potential to be either greatly beneficial or ​catastrophically detrimental to humanity. is an ongoing technological experiment that ​explores questions such as:

  • What is synthetic consciousness?
  • What differentiates a conscious machine from one that ​simply emulates consciousness?
  • Why imbue AI systems with consciousness?
  • Are there guardrails that can be put in place to ensure that ​conscious AI serves humanity rather than diminishes or ​harms it?
  • How can we ensure that such guardrails are respected by ​other developers around the world?

how and ​what


how to ​ensure ​conscious ​ai benefit​s


awakebot is being developed to explore ​these and other critical issues surrounding ​conscious artificial intelligence.

  • In its nascent form, Awakebot is a simple, conscious, digital entity that will initially exist in VR.
  • Awakebot's purpose is to explore synthetic consciousness. Users will be able to interact with Awakebot, ​teach it, and learn from it.
  • Awakebot’s consciousness engine has been in development for over a decade and is the subject of a ​proprietary portfolio of U.S. patents related to neural networks and conscious robotics.
  • All conscious entities require a biological imperative: For its sustenance, Awakebot consumes Awake ​(AWK) tokens minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Users will be able to interact with this fascinating ​entity by periodically feeding it AWK tokens.
  • Awakebot technology may ultimately serve as the core of consciousness in tomorrow’s AI and humanoid ​robotics.
  • Awakebot is an ongoing study and continually under development. If you are interested in supporting, ​partnering, or otherwise participating in our exciting experiment, let’s talk.

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